Sniper Morgan
Class: Hunter
Hero Trait: "Perceptive" - Morgan's attacks made during enemy turns deal +45% total damage. As a leader, all team members gain this bonus. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]
Other Traits: Ruthless, Sure Shot, Vigilant, Revenge
Unlocks at Rare [250 tokens]
Riot Gear Glenn
Class: Bruiser
Hero Trait: "Ready for Action" - Glenn has a 45% chance to gain some or all charge points at the start of each mission. As a leader, all members of the team gain this bonus. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]
Other Traits: Retaliate, Strong, Ironskin, Punish
Unlocks at Rare [250 tokens]
Survivalist Rick
Class: Scout
Hero Trait: "Lead by Example" - Rick's Charge Attacks deal +50% total damage. When Rick uses a Charge Attack, another team member who does not have full Charge Points gains a Charge Point. As a Leader, all team members gain these bonuses. [Increases to a maximum of 95%]
Other Traits: Strong, Lucky, Power Strike, Ruthless
Unlocks at Epic [500 tokens]
Other Notes:
These Heroes are separate and distinct from other versions of the same personalities. They are unlocked and promoted separately from the other versions and each version uses a different Token. Tokens for these Heroes will be available from special Radio Calls and not made available in the normal radio calls until announced.