The total score in the Last Stand is calculated based on two scores:

Wave Score
This is the score that you receive for every wave you reach. You do not need to kill all of the walkers from that wave in order to receive the Wave Points.

Kill Score
This is the score that you receive for killing walkers. The number of points obtained from a walker will depend on its type and difficulty level - special walkers yield more points than normal ones, and the higher the difficulty, the higher the score.

As you kill walkers in the Last Stand, you build up a multiplier (displayed in UI) that further boosts the score of your kills. The multiplier that you receive from a walker applies directly to that walker. However, for every turn that you do not kill any walkers, you lose a portion of the multiplier (this does not happen if all the walkers on the map have been killed)

In case of multi-kills with one attack, the score is calculated in the following way: (SUM of base scores of walkers) * (1+SUM of their multipliers).


Normal Walker gives 10 points and boosts multiplier by 1

Scenario 1: Consecutive kills

Player starts with 0 points and multiplier of x1.
First kill is a Normal Walker, boosting the multiplier to x2 → player receives 20 points for the kill. The next Normal Walker killed boosts your multiplier to x3, thus yielding 30 points. In total, the player has 50 points)

Scenario 2: Simultaneous kills

Player kills 2 Normal Walkers in one attack - according to the formula above, the calculation is (10+10) * (1+1+1) = 60 points in total.