1 Season = 4 Wars
1 War = 6 Battles
1 Battle = 22 Hours (Battle beginnings are 24 hours apart)
Battle team = 3-10 players (The battle will not start if there are less than that)
Each player can participate in 2 battles.
How it works:
The sign-up for the battles begin on Monday the week of the war and ends 2 hours before each battle begins. To plan and sign-up for wars, there is a "War Planner" where you can see all the battles, time remaining until sign-up locks, and number of players who have signed up.

You can click on a specific battle to either view the results of a battle that has ended, or to view details of a battle where you can also sign-up/withdraw.
The new GW design:
Every player has 18 Attacks () per battle, so in other words, you can complete a maximum of 18 missions in one battle.
Victory Points (VP) and Reward Points (RP)
You can earn Victory Points and Reward Points from completing GW missions. Reward Points are earned individually, and can be used to buy rewards from the Guild Shop. Victory Points are earned collectively, and the guild that earns more VP wins the battle and gets a 1.5x multiplier on both VP and RP from that battle.

Guilds on leaderboards are ranked by the amount of VP earned in the season.
Guild Wars is in Beta, so we will be collecting feedback on the format, bugs, issues and suggestions for the mode.