In the in-game shop you can purchase 24 hour boosters to make your life easier out there.

Full Gas for 24 hours will fill your gas meter for the 24 hours after purchase, so you don’t have to worry about gas prices while doing missions. Your gas prices will show as 0 and you can see the remaining time in the upper part of your screen. Note that Full Gas can only replenish your gas till your maximum capacity and that any excess gas will always be used first when going on missions.

Double XP for 24 hours multiplies your XP gained as a reward (kills, crate rewards, tents, etc.). The remaining time is shown in the upper part of your screen under your total XP.

Booster offers can be purchased multiple times. Each purchase will extend the duration by 24 hours.

Note that changing the date or time on your device while a booster is applied may result in your booster being active for less than 24 hours.