The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land offers various options for you! You can find the in-game shop in the bottom corner of your survivor camp.

Gold bundles include gold to speed up upgrades in your camp, heal injured survivors faster, buy more survivor slots, and open more reward crates.

Survivor class bundles can hold a variety of different useful items, such as weapons, armors, gold, and radios.

Radio bundles have radios to help you find more awesome survivors and Heroes to your team.

Special limited offer bundles can contain items familiar from the TV show, gold, radios, and much more.

Boosters of 24 hour gas and 24 hour double XP help you play longer and gain more XP to level up faster.

These purchases are in-game items that are purchased with real money. If you want to disable in-app purchases, do read the FAQ on the topic in this very same section.