If you want to survive the apocalypse you're going to need a well-performing and stable internet connection. If your game won't load properly or refuse to connect, go through the steps below to help improve your experience:
  1. Turn your device off and on again, then launch the game. The device's memory should be free, app performance improved and connection to the internet refreshed.
  2. Check that your mobile data signal (3G/4G) is strong and stable (no sudden drops). The strength of your connection can fluctuate strongly when you are in a moving vehicle such as a car, train or subway and this can cause connection problems.
  3. If you experience connection difficulties via Wi-Fi, make sure the connection is not overburdened (f.e. if another device is streaming video) as it will affect the speed. Also make sure your signal is strong at all times and that you are not too far away from the router.
  4. Other cases beyond your and our control can be general network slowness caused during peak hours or perhaps even maintenance performed by your ISP. If you still experience problems after following these steps, contact your ISP as they might be the ones who are able to help you further.
Still experiencing difficulties? While we may not be able to solve external issues for you, send us a message including your in-game username, level, and guild with a detailed explanation of what happens and we'll check what other advice we can offer.