Two important player-requested changes have increased the power of your Heroes:
Hero Traits
Previously, a Hero's first Trait was only active if that Hero was placed in the first position during Team Selection. With this change, the Hero themselves will benefit from their first Trait when they are placed in the second or third position of a team. This means that you can use one Hero to boost your whole team, and additional Heroes will get the benefit of their own Traits as well as the Leader's first Trait.
    • The Governor's Trait is unaffected by this change. His Trait only affects post-mission rewards, and as such, cannot be changed to only affect one character of your team. The Governor must be used in the first position of a team for his Trait to have any effect.
Body Shots
Heroes will now be treated as one level higher than normal when determining if their attacks against high-level enemies will result in Body Shots. This additional bonus is added to any that the Hero gains from their Elite (pink) rarity stars. In short, Heroes can now fight in tougher missions and be more effective!
    • Tapping on the info icon near the survivor's rarity stars will bring up a tooltip giving you more information.