Reroll Tokens can be used to change:
• Traits of your Legendary or above Heroes and survivors
• Set, slot, or bonus condition of your badges


Simply select a non-Hero Trait and expend the tokens which will offer two randomly-chosen non-Hero Traits to select from.

These randomly-selected Traits will not duplicate any Trait that the character does not already have. You can choose between the original trait, or one of the two random traits given for the survivor to keep.

If you choose to keep the original trait, the next reroll of that same trait will not include either of the two ignored traits in the previous reroll.
The new Trait will keep the level of the original trait. Multiple Trait Rerolls can be applied to the same survivor or Hero, so you can create the absolute best combination for whatever missions lies ahead.


Click on the badge and select the attribute that you want to reroll. Once clicked, you will immediately receive the new Set / Slot / Bonus (NOTE: You do not have the option to keep the old attribute).
The cost for rerolling each attribute will increase each time that attribute is rerolled.
Previous results of Set and Slot are restricted until you have rerolled through all of the possible options.

For Bonus Condition, only the previous 10 results are restricted.