Each weapon has its own charge ability. Using these skillfully in combat is the key to surviving tough battles.

Every time your survivor kills a walker in combat, they get a charge point under their portrait. When they have killed enough walkers (usually two or three) to charge their ability, the charge ability bar turns green. To activate the ability, tap the bar and choose your target(s).

Charge abilities:
  • Scout - Brain Stab: Extra damage
  • Bruiser - Smash: Area stun and damage
  • Hunter - Critical Attack: Automatic critical hit
  • Shooter - Free Attack: Attack doesn’t spend Action Points
  • Warrior - Bonus Attack: Attack uses only 1 Action Point
  • Assault - Stun Attack: Area stun and damage, or Varmint Blast: Sets targets on fire
Charge attacks are limited to one charge attack per survivor per turn.