Tools are single-use combat items that help your survivors inside missions. Tools can be obtained from daily quests, during missions, seasonal events, Guild Wars, and other occasions. They can also be purchased with Gold in the Trade Goods shop. In this update, we're introducing 2 Tools:
Equips Survivor with a grenade that can hit up to 9 enemies.
Deals a flat damage rate (depends on highest level survivors) + 30% of walker's health as damage. Has a 3 turn cooldown. Generates 2 threat.
Replenishes 70% of your Survivor's health. You cannot heal from a red health bar to a green one. Does not work on survivors in struggle. Has a 4 turn cooldown.
Equips Survivor with a flare that once thrown, attracts nearby walkers.
Provides vision to nearby spaces.
Lasts for {0} turn(s).
Blast Grenade
Equips Survivor with a blast grenade that hits up to 9 enemies.
Hit enemies are pushed {0} space and stunned if push leads to a collision.
Deals {1} + {2}% of enemy's health as damage.
Pile of Gore
Makes your Survivor undetectable to walkers for {0} turns.
Decreases Survivor's movement distance.
Actions other than moving break the Gore effect.
Inside missions, Tools can be accessed from the Toolbag icon in the top left of the screen, next to survivor portraits. They do not take up action points, but can only be used when you have action points active (i.e. they cannot be used when you have no action points).
In the camp, the Toolbag icon will show under the Workshop icon
Tools are limited to one tool per survivor per turn.