Badges are items that grant your survivors attack and defense bonuses when equipped to your survivors. They can be only acquired by using Components in the Craftsman building.

One Badge contains:
  • A main effect, such as health, critical hit chance, or damage bonus.
  • Each Badge belongs to one of 5 Sets, as indicated by the shape of the ring around the Effect icon. If you equip 4 or more Badges of the same set to a single survivor, the effects of those Badges will be increased.
  • Rarity, from Common through Legendary; the higher the rarity is, the more powerful the Badge’s effect will be.
  • One of six possible shapes. Each Badge can only be equipped into a Badge slot of a matching shape.
  • A conditional bonus; meeting the described requirement will increase the effect of that Badge whenever it is used.
Note that some Badges do not contain Conditional Bonus. Check “My Badge doesn’t have any bonus condition” FAQ for more information.